Helping Kid's First

Who We Are

Kids First Initiative enhances the effectiveness and resources of non-profit organizations in the Cincinnati region

Our mission is to provide unwavering support to children and teenagers, ensuring they have access to essential resources, guidance, and opportunities. By partnering with reputable non-profits, we deliver comprehensive programs that address nutritional needs, mental health support, educational mentoring, and life skills development.

We believe that by nurturing our youth, we can create a vibrant, resilient community, steering our young people away from negative influences and setting them on a path to success. Join us in our commitment to empower the next generation and build a brighter, stronger future for all.

Thank you for joining our family!

What We Do

Our mission is to focus on the young members of our community,  with a dedicated emphasis on children. We believe that nurturing a bright future through our youth will keep our community vibrant, deter youth from engaging in troublesome activities, and set them on a path to success. In pursuit of this mission, we support numerous non-profits recognized for their significant contributions to our community.


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