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Non-Profit Essential Program Needs

We will list the essential Program needs of our many Non-profits who we will support. They will be listed as a document, presentation, or on a website, their content will be organized under several key categories. Here's a general outline that can help show how we will present their needs:


Financial Resources

Funding: Describe the need for monetary support, potential funding sources, and how these funds will be used.

Sponsorships: Outline opportunities for businesses or individuals to sponsor events, activities, or the entire program.


Human Resources

Volunteers: Detail the types of volunteer roles needed, skills required, and the process for becoming a volunteer.

Staffing: Explain any gaps in staffing, specific professional skills needed, and employment opportunities.


Materials and Equipment

Supplies: List the physical items your program needs to operate daily.

Technology: Describe the technology needs, such as computers, software, and other tech tools.


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